From the Pastor

Hi! My name is Pastor Chip Salzgeber and I want to extend a warm invitation to you to come join us here at St. Andrew Lutheran Church. Our Mission is to invite people to Christ. Incorporate new members into the life of the church. And equip one another for effective Christian living.

Here at St. Andrew Church we see ourselves as the center of spiritual growth where God is praised and his loving message is proclaimed through worship and music that is energizing, inspiring and uplifting. Worship and music inspires the worship participant to be blessed so that they become a blessing to others.

At St. Andrew a warm and loving welcome is extended to all and everyone belongs. Our congregation is growing larger and smaller at the same time; meaning you can always find your place here.

At St. Andrew we grow spiritually through daily devotions by being a part of a small group and by giving and sharing our blessings with others.

At St. Andrew we discover our God-given gifts and are inspired to use them.

Here at St. Andrew we are known on the community grapevine for being a congregation that
reaches inward in ministry and reaches outward in mission.

We are a church with open arms!