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If you have been seeking a church that could share with you hope for the future and somewhere to belong today!  A place where all are welcome, people are real and joy is apparent, St. Andrews has all that and more.


greeters-4Welcome to St. Andrew.  Come and leave your troubles at the foot of the cross.  Let our lord Jesus lift your Spirit through uplifting joyful worship and music as we celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday morning at 10:00AM.





Help congregation member Ian Ure beat cancer!

Help congregation member Ian Ure beat cancer!


A Pastoral Note on the National Election

Statement from Bishop Schaefer on the shootings at Pulse Club in Orlando



A thought for today:

Do I have to go to church?

“Do I have to go to church to be a Christian?”

That question, while often asked in all seriousness, is not a serious question.  Asking that is a little like asking, “Do I have to kiss someone I really love?”

The answer is, “Well, no, but why wouldn’t you?”

worship-1A curious thing happens in the church. What is given as a gift believers turn into an obligation. They are invited to a special party in which they mingle with God and with each other, and end up thinking that it is their “duty” to attend for God’s sake! (Parishioners also asked how frequently they can be absent without upsettingtheir Maker too much!)

The question becomes more serious when they ask, “How can I remain a Christian without the fellowship of a congregation?”  The answer to that question in the long run is that you can’t.

In My First Parish we taught a children’s action song called The Wedding Banquet based on Jesus’ parable of the Great Feast. The chorus says, “I cannot come, I cannot come to the banquet, don’t trouble me now. I have married a wife. I have bought me a cow. I have feels and commitments that cost a pretty sum. Pray, hold me excused, I cannot come.”

The point of the song (which, somehow, the children always seem to get, and the adults often missed) is that no matter how serious the excuses (or selfish, such as “I love to sleep late Sunday mornings!”), they are still excuses.

I am entirely too reasonable a person.  You undoubtedly could surround me with a smokescreen of excuses that would convince me. But since I’m not God you haven’t accomplished much. You are still singing to God, “I cannot come, I cannot come. “

Now, you don’t have to come to church. You also don’t have to love, care for, feed, help, lift up and show solidarity with those you love. But why wouldn’t you?

The Rev Kenneth s Nelson